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How Moe made an extra $2.2M by optimizing credit card payments in 2 hours

Moe broke down how How He made one of his eCommerce clients an extra $2.2M last year (2021) by optimizing their credit card payments in this thread:

Backstory – this client was doing about $200-300K/mo in credit card sales when we connected in 2020.

Great volume but they are now doing $4-5M/mo in sales.

I don’t take credit for their growth, I’ve just helped them make A LOT more money along the way.


I saved them a ton of money on credit card processing fees (nearly cut them in half).

Total savings in 2021 by switching over to me with lower transaction fees:



I put them on next day funding to improve cash flow so they can scale even quicker.

With the merchants previous processor it took 2-3 business days to get their batch deposits.


Set them up on NoFraud to increase conversions & minimize chargeback losses.

Number of transactions with AVS “N” (address mismatch) that were previously declined by the gateway: 10,260

NoFraud passed 9,984 of those transactions (97%) worth $1,221,841

How much time did it take this business owner to switch over to me and implement NoFraud?

~2 hours

Another way to look at this – the cost of NOT switching payment processors would’ve been over $2M (just in 2021)


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